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How to Add Security and Style to Your Home's Exterior

Adding security to your home's exterior is easy, if you don't mind locking down your house as you would a prison or a fortress! Not every homeowner wants their home to look like a compound, however. The good news is that there are ways of enhancing a home's exterior security without compromising its appearance, and some home security measures might actually increase a

Light It Up: Tips for Opening Up Your Home's Space

Home design, especially for family-sized households with high storage needs and lots of family members to accommodate, is often a battle between functionality and design — and function tends to emerge the clear winner. Furniture is fitted into the space as best you can, and it can leave you feeling cramped or overcrowded. Because every item in your home is necessary&n

Window Treatments for Small Spaces

Decorating a small room in your home can be challenging, as you want comfortable furniture in the space, but also need to be mindful of opting for oversized items that crowd the room. It can also be difficult to find artwork and accessories that don't seem out of proportion for the smaller area, including window treatments. Billowy curtains can literally get in your w

3 Awesome Reasons to Consider Fitting Double Glazed Windows to Your House

A double glazed window is a single window unit comprising of two panes of glass with the space between the panes being filled with a layer of hermetically sealed inert gas to make the window unit airtight. Argon is the inert gas commonly used within most standard double glazed window units, though it isn't the only insulating inert gas available. Argon is preferred ov

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home

The door to your home is not only an entryway, but it also conveys the first impression to outsiders. As a result, you should not just focus on the utility of a door when you go shopping for one but its aesthetic appeal as well. Some doors can add value to your home due to their stately design and functionality. Consider the following tips to choose the right door for