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4 Reasons Why Car Window Tinting Is Important

You may think of getting a tint for your car windows with the aim of improving the aesthetic value of your car. Most people are not aware that car window tinting has a lot more benefits than just beauty. The following are some of the benefits you will get from car window tinting. Prevents Fading Because your car is one of your most valued assets, you will do anything

What You Should Know About Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive window tinting can be used to protect from UV rays, to create the desired appearance or to provide privacy. There are benefits and things to consider when tinting your windows and there are regulations that must be adhered to. Here is everything that you need to know about automotive window tinting. How are windows tinted? Windows may be tinted during

Why Is Aluminium a Good Material for Window Frames?

Aluminium has been used in the construction industry for years. It was first made into window frames on the Empire State Building in New York when it was selected as a lightweight and modern-looking material that suited the building's novel design. Since then, aluminium has been used in all sorts of structures to form frameworks for glazing products. You can see it us

Why Stained Glass Repairs Need A Specialist

Stained glass windows are beautiful. Whether they are centuries-old pieces set within church windows or bespoke features crafted for the home, it is important that stained glass repairs are carried out by an experienced specialist. Choosing the right person for the job will ensure your stained glass repairs are carried out to the highest standard and in keeping with t

A Quick Guide to Window Covering Terminology

Shopping for window treatments for the home can be a bit overwhelming because you may find that there are more options available for curtains, shades and blinds than you ever imagined! Trying to describe what you want to someone who will be making custom blinds or curtains for you can also be difficult if you don't know the right terminology to use to describe the fea