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How to Add Security and Style to Your Home's Exterior

Adding security to your home's exterior is easy, if you don't mind locking down your house as you would a prison or a fortress! Not every homeowner wants their home to look like a compound, however.

The good news is that there are ways of enhancing a home's exterior security without compromising its appearance, and some home security measures might actually increase a home's kerb appeal. Note what that means, and a few tips for increasing your home's security and style.

New windows

Old and worn window frames are easy to pry open with a small crowbar, or even a strong screwdriver. Outdated, flimsy plastic locks also do little to keep windows closed and can be even easier to force open if the windows are old and damaged.

New vinyl windows with upgraded locks can be very secure, as vinyl is difficult to bend or break. Thicker, double-glazed window glass is also harder to shatter. Installing new windows can improve your home's security and also make your entire home seem updated and new.

Patio doors

Many sliding glass doors that lead out to a patio or deck are very flimsy, with thin plastic locks that are also easy to force open. The glass for these doors can also be thin and easy to break.

Replacing these doors with hinged French doors can enhance the appearance of your home and allow for more security. Hinged doors with a strong frame are difficult to kick in and can be secured with a heavy-duty deadbolt. Grilles inside the glass pane of the doors can enhance their appearance and make it harder to break the glass and gain entry into the home.

Roller shutters

Even if you upgrade to new windows in the home, a thief might still try to break the glass or pry open a window. A full view of the home's interior can also allow a thief to note if there are obstacles in front of the window and if there is anything inside worth stealing.

Roller shutters add another layer of protection over the windows and can obscure the view into the home. Modern roller shutters also enhance the home's appearance. For example, they might add a nice, crisp white colour that offsets a dark home. Wood shutters can tone down the look of a brick exterior. To increase your home's security and kerb appeal, consider roller shutters, at least for the first-floor windows of the home.