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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Doors for Your Home

The door to your home is not only an entryway, but it also conveys the first impression to outsiders. As a result, you should not just focus on the utility of a door when you go shopping for one but its aesthetic appeal as well. Some doors can add value to your home due to their stately design and functionality. Consider the following tips to choose the right door for your home.

1.    Maintenance Needs

Before settling on a door for your home, factor in its maintenance needs to know if it is a good buy for you. Wooden doors can be ornate and inject a natural feel to your home, but they require higher attention in upkeep than say a steel door.  This includes repainting on a regular basis and polishing the door knobs, knuckles, and hinges. Aluminum doors come with a powdered coating that holds for extended periods. They, therefore, do not require as much maintenance. Polishing or painting after purchase won't be necessary. All you need is to clean the glass panes and wipe the frame.

2.    Durability

The kind of weather present in the area you live in will affect the longevity of your front door. If you live in an area with frequent wet weather, wooden doors may not be the best choice due to soaking and eventual warping for example.

3.    Your Aesthetic Appeal

When shopping for doors, you must have your home's theme in mind.  The right door should match with the design of your home and must add to its aesthetic appeal. Sliding glass doors offer a modern design feel and open up the outside view which can be breathtaking. Since they consist of large glass panes, they allow a lot of natural light in which brightens up the room. Wooden doors with customised hinges, knobs and unique designs carved onto them deliver a variety of effects depending on your aesthetic goal.

4. The Size of Your Entryway

If you are buying a front door, it obviously needs to fit your entryway. There should be no room for error because a less than perfectly fitting door may comprise your security. Buying a door for other rooms in the house also requires precision because ill-fitting doors are more prone to damage and are not aesthetically appealing.


Doors are more than just a means to regulate traffic; you must consider utility and aesthetics to pick the right one.