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Window Treatments for Small Spaces

Decorating a small room in your home can be challenging, as you want comfortable furniture in the space, but also need to be mindful of opting for oversized items that crowd the room. It can also be difficult to find artwork and accessories that don't seem out of proportion for the smaller area, including window treatments. Billowy curtains can literally get in your way, whereas simple roller shades might seem a bit industrial and drab. To help you choose the right window treatments for a small space in your home, note some suggestions.

Roman shades

Roman shades are made of one long, solid fabric piece that folds up into flaps or creases as you open it. These creases add depth and visual interest to these piece, as opposed to a standard flat roller shade. Roman shades are also typically made of fabric, not the vinyl used for standard roller shades, which creates a softer look in the room. Because these shades sit inside the window frame, they're good for compact spaces and the smallest of windows.

Matchstick blinds

Matchstick blinds are made of small slats, usually of bamboo or another natural, fibrous wood or cloth. As the name implies, these slats are cut to be very thin so that they look like sticks, and not like the flat and deep slats used for standard blinds.

To close matchstick blinds, the bottom of the piece rolls up, usually to the front. This also gives matchstick blinds some texture and depth, and keeps them from looking industrial and plain. The downside to matchstick blinds, however, is that there will be gaps between those slats, so they will often allow in quite a bit of light even when closed.


Shutters are a favourite option for smaller spaces and windows, as they sit inside the window frame and don't get in the way of furniture or foot traffic. However, you can opt for piano hinges with shutters, and these allow the shutters to actually fold out and sit against the wall next to them. This opens up the window completely, just as if you were opening curtains. You can also open the slats of adjustable shutters, for when you want just a small amount of light in the room.

Note, too, that you can also choose what are called cafe shutters, which are meant to sit in just the lower half of a window. This can offer privacy where needed, while not blocking your view to the outside, and not making a window seem crowded and cramped.