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3 Awesome Reasons to Consider Fitting Double Glazed Windows to Your House

A double glazed window is a single window unit comprising of two panes of glass with the space between the panes being filled with a layer of hermetically sealed inert gas to make the window unit airtight. Argon is the inert gas commonly used within most standard double glazed window units, though it isn't the only insulating inert gas available. Argon is preferred over air because it has a lower thermal conductivity, meaning it can offer greater resistance to heat transfer through the windows than air. 

While double glazed windows are mostly known for their ability to improve thermal performance and increase energy efficiency within buildings, they can also provide other essential perks to building owners. If you are looking to install these type of windows in your home, continue reading on to know about these benefits. 

Noise reduction

If you live near a busy street or in a noisy neighbourhood, double glazed windows would be a great choice for your home. These windows will not only minimise heat loss from your home, but they will also reduce noise coming from outside. For better sound insulation, you should consider installing double glazed windows made of acoustic glass. This special type of glass can reduce noise levels considerably, thus making your home quieter and more serene. Your home is the best place to relax at the end of a tiring day, so don't let the noise from outside interfere with your peace and quiet. 

UV protection

You probably want an abundance of natural light to penetrate into your home through the windows during the daytime. However, you may be keen on blocking the sun's UV radiation from entering your living space. UV rays from the sun can cause your furniture and interior furnishings to fade quickly and can also be detrimental to the health of your family — overexposure to the sun's UV radiation has the potential to cause skin cancer. Double glazed windows, especially those specially designed to deflect UV rays, can ensure your home is well-lit with natural light during the daytime while protecting your home from the unwanted UV rays.

Improved security

From a security standpoint, double glazed windows are generally a better choice than standard single pane windows made of regular glass. This is because double glazed windows can be made of laminated glass, which is much tougher to break. The dual glass design of double glazed windows make it even harder to break the windows.