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Why Is Aluminium a Good Material for Window Frames?

Aluminium has been used in the construction industry for years. It was first made into window frames on the Empire State Building in New York when it was selected as a lightweight and modern-looking material that suited the building's novel design. Since then, aluminium has been used in all sorts of structures to form frameworks for glazing products. You can see it used with atria, curtain walls and in domestic double-glazed units. If you are considering fitting double-glazed windows in your property, then why should you choose aluminium frames?

High-Tensile Strength

Among the chief properties of aluminium is its ability to be made into rigid structures. When aluminium windows are made, the framing elements are extruded into profiles. The shape of these profiles is what gives the frames their strength. Essentially, all window manufacturers need to do is to cut the aluminium profile to the desired length and it will do the job of holding the weight of the glazing on its own. As such, aluminium's high-tensile strength means that it can be used to form very large window frames which afford superb, uninterrupted views.

Low Corrosion

Unlike a number of other metals, aluminium does not corrode very much. This is why you will often see the metal being used to make the frame for portholes on luxury yachts as well as for building's windows. It can be exposed to the elements for years and years without rusting. When it is further protected by a durable coating - such as a powder coat finish, for example – it lasts even longer without any maintenance being required.


A lot of people choose aluminium window frames because they are very hard to get past. Unlike some plastic frames which can be levered away from the wall that they are installed in, an aluminium window frame is extremely durable and able to withstand abuse. Anyone who considers the security of their home to be an important part of choosing a window frame material should know that aluminium offers high standards of protection.

Thermal Protection

For many years, window engineers struggled with aluminium's ability to transfer heat. Many window frames made from the metal acted like radiators, either transmitting the sun's energy into a property or allowing heat to escape in winter. However, modern thermal break technology is common inside the profiles of aluminium frames which creates a better level of insulation than before.