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4 Critical Factors to Consider When Choosing a High-Quality Security Door

Are you contemplating installing security doors on your property? If the answer is yes, you should understand that not all security doors are the same. You don't want to waste your time and money on doors that aren't fit for purpose and do less in protecting your home. If you are a savvy homeowner, focus on these four critical indicators for high-quality security doors. 

Dynamic Impact Absorption 

The first critical factor to consider when looking for a high-quality security door is dynamic impact absorption. If intruders try to force their way into your home using force, your security door should withstand any impact. According to the National Security Screen Association, the security door you choose must pass the AS5039-2008 Impact Test. Ideally, opt for security doors with a two-part strengthening system with a combination of aluminium mesh screens and panels. These two features jointly establish a robust barrier that helps absorb and spread impact shocks to prevent forceful entry.  

The Security Door's Warranty 

Choose security doors manufactured from durable and robust materials with excellent longevity. You can determine whether the door has these qualities from the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Generally, extended warranty periods mean the manufacturer has taken time to test, develop and refine the security door. Besides, the manufacturer considers the different weather conditions across Australia and how the door can withstand all the potential elements. Therefore, go for security doors that can stand the test of time and come with a warranty.

Excellent Probe, Shear or Knife Resistance

While you want your security door to withstand powerful impacts, it should also have excellent resistance to sharp objects. Choose a security door designed from high-quality materials that are shear-, probe- or knife-proof. For example, pick security doors featuring premium mesh layers resistant to any slicing attempts and pass NSSA probe, shear and knife tests while allowing fresh airflow. 

Consider the Door's Pulling and Jemmy's Strength 

Finally, you can determine the quality of your security door by determining its structural strength against pulling or jemmy attempts. Consider security doors with powder coated mesh and fused aluminium bead panels that form robust, bend-resistant barriers. Other decorative elements of aluminium beading enhance the door's aesthetic appeal. 

Like any other home purchase, researching your options before investing in a security door is imperative. Look for reputable security door vendors that comply with NSSA security regulations for security doors. Furthermore, work with manufacturers who make high-quality security doors in your area and inquire about, the cost, the warranty terms, and whether they provide installation services.