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Choosing Between Roman and Roller Blinds for Your Home

It can be tricky to choose between Roman blinds and roller blinds. There's no definitively better option: which you select is a matter of preference in terms of looks, maintenance and operation. Here is a comparison of these two blind styles.


When open, roller blinds wind over the housing at the top of the window to be almost invisible. Thus, they don't block daylight from flowing into the room. On the other hand, Roman blinds are bulkier, and they open differently. They either fold into a stack at the top of the window or with a cascading waterfall effect. So, even when Roman blinds are open, they'll block more incoming light unless they're installed above the window and out of the recessed area. Thus, if your main priority is to allow light to flow into a dim room, you may prefer roller blinds.


Roman blinds give a more sumptuous look, especially when they're drawn. They're fuller and less sleek than a roller blind that consists of a flat rectangle piece of fabric. For this reason, Roman blinds may be better if you want to evoke a traditional feel. Though, to achieve this, you might install patterned roller blinds that add softness and character. For example, create a classic look with roller blinds that feature a baroque pattern in blue and cream. Overall, though, Roman blinds are softer.


Because roller blinds consist of a uniform piece of fabric, they're easier to clean than Roman blinds, which have folds. Especially if the blind is installed in a bathroom or kitchen, you might opt for a roller blind which you can easily wipe over.


While the cost of blinds depends on the specific version you're looking at, roller blinds are often cheaper than Roman blinds. Thus, if you want to save money when installing window treatments, you may prefer this option rather than Roman blinds.

Overall, whether you choose roller or Roman blinds depends on numerous factors. Roller blinds let more light flow into a room, and they're more discreet once they're open. Roman blinds give a decorative and plush feel to windows, while roller blinds are sleeker. If you want an easy-to-clean window covering, you may prefer roller blinds, which are simple to wipe over because of their straightforward design. Roller blinds are also more economical in general, so they may be the best option if you're on a tight budget.

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