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Three Essential Tips for Securing Your Windows with Screens

If you would like to improve the security of your home, you should consider installing screens over the windows. In general, most homeowners protect their homes by installing security screens over their doors. However, the windows are overlooked even though they are significant points of vulnerability. As a result, burglars and other unscrupulous people might take advantage of the weakness. Therefore, if you are planning on reinforcing your home security, it is advisable to plan on installing screens over all openings. Here are basic tips to remember when planning for this home improvement project.

Purchase Quality Screens

You should acquire high-quality security screens for your windows. In simple terms, it is important to ensure that the purchased features are capable of withstanding potential break-in attempts. Keep in mind that there are some screens which are only designed for keeping flies and other pests out. However, these are vulnerable to mechanical impact and other external forces and will not improve the level of protection in your home.

When shopping for the security screens, you should look at the construction of the units. It is essential to choose resilient features made using tough materials like steel. You should also check the framing of the screen and make sure that it is not prone to distortion. In addition, ensure that there is a secure lock to keep the screen in place after installation. Note that security screens are tested for resilience against attacks, so you should inquire about this aspect before purchase.

Choose Expert Setup

The performance of security screens will be influenced by the quality of the installation. Therefore, it is advisable to engage a professional to install the feature after purchase. This will prevent mishaps and ensure that the screen performs well. If you are interested in handling the installation, you should follow the outlined instructions for setup. Be careful not to damage the security screen because repair or replacement will be costly. Moreover, make sure that the unit is secured adequately to avoid creating a point of vulnerability.

Repair Broken Screens

Finally, you should monitor the condition of your security screens. If there are problems, plan for immediate repair. For instance, screens might become worn out and damaged over time due to mechanical impact or even adverse weather. If these are left in a poor state, they will attract burglars. Where possible, you should repair the screen and seal the compromised sections. However, if the damage is significant, you will need to plan for replacement.