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The Best Blinds for a Summer Home

Most adults will agree that holidays are the highlights of the year. For Australians, this often means sun and sand, and this energy is alluring to bring back home, in the form of tasteful summer decor. If you're designing a summer home, or wish to give your property a more tropical feel to attract tenants or tourists, blinds are essential to creating this desired atmosphere.

Blinds dictate the amount of sun that may enter a room and accessorise a home's entire outside structure. If you're looking to give your home the flair of a summer villa, here are a few things you should consider.

Summer Homes, Summerhouses and Conservatoriums Require Plenty of Light

Venetian blinds are often considered a wonderful option for summer homes and summerhouses because they maximise on the amount of light pouring in while minimising the hot air seeping in the structure. Venetian blinds have a style reminiscent of Mediterranean villa styles, which can bring an exotic edge to your home. Venetian blinds allow stripes of light to filter into the room, which creates the classic Venetian shadows often present in bedrooms in the afternoon.

Venetian blinds can be manufactured from aluminium or wood, depending on your tastes. While wood is likely to give your house a rustic and homely appeal, aluminium may be more durable. Aluminium blinds will not be damaged by heavy rains or humid climate and can be painted in muted tones to mimic organic materials.

Adaptable Options Maximise the User Experience

Picture yourself in your dream summer home, about to enjoy a regenerative siesta on a warm afternoon. The light facing the room is then more of an inconvenience than an advantage because classic blind models will allow a certain amount of sunlight to filter through. This sunlight will likely keep you awake in your afternoon naps or replace your alarm clock early in the morning.

Vision roller blinds are a hybrid of both roller and Venetian blinds, making them an ideal option for summer or tropical homes. They allow you to adjust the amount of light that you receive, the outside air seeping in, and how much of the blind is on display — all at once. Vision roller blinds allow you to decide when you wish for a full summer experience, and when you want the outside conditions completely filtered out.


Summer homes require plenty of light; however, you should be able to choose just how much of it pours in. Both Venetian and Vision roller blinds provide timeless, stylish, and summer-evocative options that can be manufactured in both organic (wood) and engineered (PVC) materials. For a unique touch, you may want to combine both blind options, using one for living spaces, and another for bedrooms.