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Why Is Your Sliding Door Sticking?

Sliding doors should slide easily from side to side when you open or close them. However, they can sometimes stick and lose some of their fluid movement. For example, the door may jerk rather than glide; it may just feel a little rougher and stiff when it moves.

Why is your door sticking and what can you do about it?

1. Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt can affect how smoothly a sliding door runs. Even if you clean the door's tracks regularly, it may stick on debris you haven't noticed as you open and close it.

The main parts of your track may be clean and debris-free; however, they may be some stuff lurking in the corners and edges of the track. The door may be pulling this stuff across with it, preventing it from running smoothly.

Sometimes, a bit of dirt or dust gets stuck on the door's rollers. Again, this can make them stick as they run across the doorway.

Take a good look at your track and rollers. Even if you can't see anything obvious, try wiping them both down with a damp cloth. If something is obstructing them, this may clear it off.

2. Dry Rollers

Sometimes, sliding doors stop running slickly because their rollers need a little TLC. These rollers need to be able to move around easily as they go across the track. If they don't all move smoothly and in tandem, then the door may feel like it is sticking.

If you have a lubricant in the house, then a couple of well-placed squirts on the rollers may help. Open and close the door a couple of times to spread the lubricant all over the rollers. If the rollers were a little dry, then this may fix the problem.

3. Door Misalignment

Sliding doors sometimes move slightly out of alignment. For example, if someone gives the door a bit too much of a push rather than a slide, then the door may come off its tracks a little. When this happens, the door can't work smoothly because it is out of position.

Open or close the door slowly and look at its placement. If it isn't sitting on its track, then you may be able to gently push or pull it back into the right place.

If none of these fixes work on your door, then you need professional help. Talk to window companies who do sliding door repairs. They can take a look at your door and help you get it running smoothly again.