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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Residential Bi-Fold Windows

Bi-fold windows have become popular in many homes, both traditional and contemporary, because of their space-saving attributes. The windows can accentuate any building, especially small houses, by giving the illusion of ample space. Bi-fold door/windows enable homeowners to retain more space when opening windows; instead of a vast wall, you get a glass window. Here are some tips for choosing bi-fold windows.

Types of Glass -- There are several types of glass for bi-fold windows that homeowners can choose. The double-glazed glass is a type of window glass with two layers that enclose a pocket of air between them. Double-glazing ensures that windows retain heat, especially during cold winter months. Furthermore, the glass prevents excessive noise from disturbing you in your house. Another type is safety glass, which undergoes some chemical process to make it sturdier and durable. Some safety glasses are fitted with plastic layers on the inner side to make them shatterproof. For this reason, a safety glass that is installed on bi-fold windows can offer an added security layer against break-ins. Low-energy coated glasses have a transparent film that reflects infrared energy, which is responsible for natural heating and cooling of spaces. When installed on windows, the coated glass regulates interior temperature of your home. Notably, there is no one-size-fits-all choice when it comes to choosing glass for bi-fold windows, but it all comes down to your budget and functionality.

Natural Light -- The extra sleek design of bi-fold windows coupled with large openings will allow a lot of natural light into your home. Such windows make homes brighter for the most of the day, unlike other window types that are restricted by walls. For smaller homes, maximum sunlight creates an illusion of space, and thus, makes interior spaces appear larger than they are. Furthermore, when you buy a sizeable bi-fold window, you save on the cost of lighting, which can translate into huge savings during the lifespan of the windows.

Quality of Bi-fold Windows -- Some homeowners can overlook quality unknowingly, which is a critical component when picking bi-fold windows. However, all windows are not the same, and the difference between a high-quality window and a poor quality one will determine the duration before wear and tear kicks in. For instance, if the window is damaged, thermal performance might be affected thereby raising your heating costs. Therefore, ensure that your glass windows are airtight to prevent rainwater from destroying furniture and other valuables.